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The other “i” word … ingenuity

Not long ago I was walking over the entrance to Narrabeen Lakes and I saw this fellow swimming against the tide.  I had been talking to my friend about getting an endless pool and all of a sudden here was nature’s version. Over the past few posts I have been thinking about the words we […]

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Philanthropy in the quantified age

Facebook isn’t a charity.  The poor will pay by surrendering their data. In these few words Evgeny Morozov gets to heart of the digital transformation that is currently disrupting all value chains within the world as we know it.  We are all now “paying” with our data. Scientifically, information is a choice—a yes-or-no choice.  In a […]

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Forgetting and remembering in the digital age

In the past month I have participated in a number of events which have highlighted the juxtaposition between “remembering” and “forgetting”. And 2014 is a rather important year on both fronts. Firstly, 2014 is the tercentenary of the Longitude Act (1714) when the British Government established a prize to solve the “Longitude Problem”. As a […]

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What do we really mean by “engage”?

I recently had brunch with some old friends in Melbourne, both of whom are middle-aged working Mums, are highly educated, work in areas close to government, and are keen observers of society as a whole. As is so often the case with people who are at the same life-stage our conversation turned to Australia’s political […]

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Gov 2.0 as a mindset of reinvention… and opportunity

Over the past month I have had numerous conversations with people from all over Europe which relate to the changing nature of government in the twenty first century. Of those, the most interesting are those which recognise that the changing concept of “governance”, “government” and “the governed” is about organisational systems and human processes, group […]

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NZ Beehive

FutureGov – New Zealand style

Last week saw the first New Zealand “FutureGov”. Hosted by Alphabet Media, this one day event was very similar to others that I have participated in and had the familiar mix of keynotes, rotating “themed” tables, and senior level participants. However, as I am learning with “all things New Zealand”, this was much more about […]

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Trust, governance and the digital brand

March sees my research activities escalate on three fronts. Firstly, my own PhD research which seeks to investigate whether or not the emerging concept of the digital brand is, by its very nature of transparency, making the relationship between trust and governance more open and overt within organisational value networks.  If this is the case, […]

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We are digital amateurs, one and all

This month is one of events, mainly in the government and information space, beginning with the OAIC conference last week, followed by GovCampNSW, and next week the Web 3.0 and Government conference. The theme throughout is information, technology and society, the bringing together of people, knowledge and networks within a connected framework to, it is […]

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The research challenge

The research challenge

Last week I did my first Higher Degree Research Colloquium at the Deakin Graduate School of Business and Law. A colloquium is an academic meeting or seminar at which researchers present their work to be critiqued by other academics.  Like all “tribes” the academic community has its own language, traditions and expectations, and a research […]

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