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Intersticia Foundation – Creating the Space to Imagine

It seems to me that that there is a lot of talk about the need for people and organisations to be more “innovative” and “creative” as the knowledge economy evolves and the need to manage and work with rapid change confronts us all.  But doing things more “smartly” or more efficiently doesn’t necessarily lead to […]

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The “anthro-pocene” era … redefining “humanity”

I took this photo of “The Shard” amidst a storm a couple of months ago from the rooftop of the Tate Modern in London.  It struck me that for anyone who discounts the impact of humans on the environment this was a startling demonstration … even the clouds parted for a man-made tower. But as […]

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Meaning and money (or is that money and meaning?) at SOCAP14

I have just returned to Australia from my international wanderings, and, in particular, hot on the heels of having attended SOCAP14. SOCAP14 is the 11th conference hosted by SOCAP which aims to “accelerate the new global market at the intersection of money and meaning” through “having productive conversations between investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and industry to […]

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The magic of trust

On Friday I went to see Cranked Up, this year’s marvellous performance of Circus Oz under the Big Top in Darling Harbour. I went to see Circus Oz two years ago and, for me, what this amazingly gifted group of individuals do is to, quite simply, redefine Circus. They present a seamless, dynamic and entertaining […]

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The Laramie Project

Today was the first rehearsal of the Intersticia Foundation’s first live theatre production – The Laramie Project – at the Zenith Theatre, Chatswood. Click here to visit the website. The Play The Laramie Project is “a verbatim, documentary style play” constructed from the precise words spoken by people interviewed about the brutal beating of Matthew […]

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Our first Rowland Scholar – Dr Lionel Nizigama

This week I went to Goodenough College in London to met Dr Lionel Nizigama, a young doctor from Burundi, who is just starting a Master of Science in Tropical Medicine and International Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, University of London. Lionel is the first recipient of “The Rowland Scholarship”, which […]

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Leadership in an age of abundance

“A leader is one who takes the hardship of finding a better way of doing things for the common good and then selflessly shares the knowledge with others by guiding them on that path.”  (Avijit Dutta) This has always been my favourite quote about leadership, because it is steeped in the concept of service, and […]

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Learning by Giving

“Life is extremely unfair.  If you got the lucky straw, you shouldn’t forget about the other seven billion people who didn’t.”  (Warren Buffett) Over the past few years the concept of the “social enterprise” has received a great deal of attention, but this has predominantly been driven by the fascination with “social media” and the […]

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