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Rufus Pollock

The “open” rhetoric … are we hearing more of the same?

On Monday evening I went to a talk given by Rufus Pollock of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) at the University of Sydney. Pollock had, quite literally, just got off the plane for a whistle-stop “down-under tour” of Australia, and he did well to respond to questions and give an overview of the OKF to what […]

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City Hall

Intelligent governance for the 21st Century

A couple of weeks ago I went to the RSA in London for “How to Govern Intelligently for the 21st Century”, a discussion with investor and philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen, president and chairman, the Nicolas Berggruen Institute, and Nathan Gardels, Editor, New Perspectives Quarterly, of their recently published book. One of the delights of London is […]

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The Long Room

If only these walls could speak…

The Long Room, Trinity College, Dublin “Serendipity – the lucky tendency to find interesting things by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”  (The Serendipity Cafe, Cork, Ireland) There is nothing like wandering around ancient cities that have witnessed the destruction, chaos and devastation of major conflicts to reinforce the importance of the relationship between […]

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The emerging value of Web Science

The emerging value of Web Science

“I have no way of judging of the future but by the present.”  (Edward Gibbon) In my last blog I wrote about “Gov 2.0” and, in particular, my conviction that “Gov 2.0” is not about tools and technologies – it is about “reinventing government for the digital age”. Two weeks ago I attended the Web […]

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Gov 2.0 as a mindset of reinvention… and opportunity

Over the past month I have had numerous conversations with people from all over Europe which relate to the changing nature of government in the twenty first century. Of those, the most interesting are those which recognise that the changing concept of “governance”, “government” and “the governed” is about organisational systems and human processes, group […]

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NZ Beehive

FutureGov – New Zealand style

Last week saw the first New Zealand “FutureGov”. Hosted by Alphabet Media, this one day event was very similar to others that I have participated in and had the familiar mix of keynotes, rotating “themed” tables, and senior level participants. However, as I am learning with “all things New Zealand”, this was much more about […]

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ANZ Twitter

An ANZ update… a white knight to the rescue!

So, after my venting yesterday I determined that the only way to progress things was to connect with a real human being, and be treated as a valuable customer. So I went in to see my wonderful bank manager Gerard Stitt at the ANZ Bank in North Sydney. With his usual calm and composure he […]

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Living in my world? I don’t think so ANZ

Death is a stressful and trying time for anyone, and most particularly for those left behind. I wrote about my mother’s death last year, and, for the last six months most of my waking hours have been spent dealing with the settling of her affairs. I have been supported by a wonderful team of legal, […]

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Social Media for Government

Last week I gave a presentation at the “Social Media for Government” conference in Melbourne. For any who are interested my presentation is here. The conference was very well attended and there were a range of people from all walks of government life, and a lot from local government, which I found particularly heartening. With […]

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Digital Dreaming

Digital dreamings

In the early 1990s I had the privilege of working with a group of aboriginal artists in Moree, northern NSW. I came across this group, the Yurundiali Aboriginal Corporation , because I had applied for a job as Director of the Moree Art Gallery, and I ended up working with the Yurundiali instead. The Gallery, […]

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