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What do we really mean by “engage”?

I recently had brunch with some old friends in Melbourne, both of whom are middle-aged working Mums, are highly educated, work in areas close to government, and are keen observers of society as a whole. As is so often the case with people who are at the same life-stage our conversation turned to Australia’s political […]

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Digital myths

Digital mythology … on its way to a screen near you

“Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of the human life.”  (Joseph Campbell) Yesterday I attended my first lecture in the “For God’s Sake II:  Living Myths” series at the Art Gallery of NSW, part of my move towards reconnecting with my love for, and interest in, arts and culture, and to integrate this thinking […]

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EDRM and all that

EDRM and all that …

Last Tuesday I chaired the EDRM for the Public Sector conference held at the Sebel Townhouse. A number of key words resonated within this group which included “compliance”, “authenticity” and perhaps most of all, “change”.  I felt that this was group of people passionate about their work, feeling under pressure from budget and resource constraints, […]

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Launch of the IMM NSW

Launch of the IMM New South Wales

Realising the true benefits of semantic technologies and linked data Last night, despite cold weather and some typical Sydney downpours, the NSW Chapter of the IMM was launched at the Fuji Xerox Australia epicenter at the Australian Technology Park. The IMM is a new little non-profit that we have been slowly building for the past […]

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