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Social Media for Government

Last week I gave a presentation at the “Social Media for Government” conference in Melbourne. For any who are interested my presentation is here. The conference was very well attended and there were a range of people from all walks of government life, and a lot from local government, which I found particularly heartening. With […]

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Digital Dreaming

Digital dreamings

In the early 1990s I had the privilege of working with a group of aboriginal artists in Moree, northern NSW. I came across this group, the Yurundiali Aboriginal Corporation , because I had applied for a job as Director of the Moree Art Gallery, and I ended up working with the Yurundiali instead. The Gallery, […]

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Digital myths

Digital mythology … on its way to a screen near you

“Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of the human life.”  (Joseph Campbell) Yesterday I attended my first lecture in the “For God’s Sake II:  Living Myths” series at the Art Gallery of NSW, part of my move towards reconnecting with my love for, and interest in, arts and culture, and to integrate this thinking […]

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Rolls Royce

The semantics of climate change and the question of ecological stewardship

This week the Climate Commission released a report written by the CSIRO and Australian Bureau of Meteorology entitled “The science behind southeast Australia’s wet, cool summer“. The report concluded that: The Earth’s surface is warming rapidly and the climate is changing. The quintessential Australian cycle of intense droughts and flooding rains will continue into the […]

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Trust, governance and the digital brand

March sees my research activities escalate on three fronts. Firstly, my own PhD research which seeks to investigate whether or not the emerging concept of the digital brand is, by its very nature of transparency, making the relationship between trust and governance more open and overt within organisational value networks.  If this is the case, […]

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